Skin Photo Rejuvenation / IPL

Photo rejuvenation facials are a series of quick, gentle and cost-effective light treatments that improve the appearance of sun damaged and aged skins as well as reduce redness and flushing, resulting in more youthful looking skin with very little downtime. Northern Skin Studio uses a medical grade device with optimal light wavelength to achieve optimal results. 

This latest advancement for younger, more beautiful looking skin is Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) a treatment that minimises fine lines and wrinkles and rejuvenates dull skin while eliminating unsightly broken capillaries, rosacea and even some birthmarks. Skin photo-facial rejuvenation using IPL aids in the removal and repair of:

  • Pigmented spots, freckles and sun damaged skin

  • Unsightly small veins and capillaries on face and body

  • Signs of aging with collagen damage

  • Acne scarring, fresh stretch marks

  • Rosacea and other facial and body red discolouration

Superior cosmetic results can be achieved in a safe, non-invasive 2-4 treatment course of IPL, ensuring gradual improvement with very low risk that is specifically tailored to your individual condition and skin tone. Results from a full series of IPL treatments, last approximately upwards of a year, however maintenance treatment sessions scheduled at half-yearly intervals will help to ensure long lasting results.