This non-invasive treatment gently buffs away dead skin cells that contribute to dull dehydrated skin. The skin is left smoother and more luminous. It's suitable for all skin types.

Classic Hydrating Facial

Using a mixture of antioxidants from leading skincare brand Rationale, our Classic Hydrating Facial will offer immediate nourishment and skin hydration. High quality hyaluronic acid serum will leave your skin glowing.

Ultimate Illuminating

For lovers of the "red light", this supercharged treatment incorporates the classic facial with a Rationale Enzyme Reactivator peel. We finish with a Heal Lite 2 boost.

Cleansing and Clearing Facial

Designed for teens and acne prone skin, this facial will address clogging and congestion. Using a combination of steaming, cleansing and manual extraction of blocked pores as well as anti-inflammatory infusions to treat redness and infection.