8 Skin Mistakes You’re Making

1. Ignoring your neck and decolletage  This area will age faster than your face and it’s often overlooked. Low cut summery tops will expose this area and one day you’ll wake up and say, “Whose neck is that”!!

2. Ignoring your blue eyes. Blue and green eyes will show crows feet (eye wrinkles) earlier because those colours let more light in, so you squint more. 

3. Starting muscle relaxants too late. There is nothing as powerful as muscle relaxing injections to prevent the repetitive contraction of facial muscles that leads to wrinkles. Start early, keep it low dose and natural and you'll be sure to halt the signs of ageing. 

4. Not wearing sunscreen. This is hands down the most powerful beauty product in your arsenal. Start early, use it daily and re-apply. Only choose a broad-spectrum creams that block the collagen destroying UVA as well as the cancer causing UVB.

5. Scrubbing. Physical exfoliation with scrubs feels like it should be helping but it's pointless. The particles are too big to get down into pores and they actually traumatise your skin. Liquid chemical exfoliation with alphahydroxy acids and vitamin A, is much more effective. And, micro beads are bad for the environment!

6. Using inactive products. Over the counter skin products are largely unregulated and they don’t need to disclose the percentages of their active ingredients to the consumer. Always ask for a product sheet with your serums and creams as all the most reputable medical-grade skin care with have these on hand. Without appropriate percentages, you’re just buying “hope in a jar”.

7. Using the same moisturiser the entire year round. Thicker moisturiser for winter and remember the lips and eyes. The eye area and lips have fewer oil glands than the rest of your face and need a thicker cream to trap moisture. Add some vitamin A for even better effects. 

8. Picking at pimples. Extracting blackheads should be done after the skin is steamed and cleaned and requires experience, magnifying glasses and a tiny needle. The trauma caused by pressing a zit out leads to red and brown scarring.