Skin Q & A

This month’s blog is a Q and A with Northern Skin Studio’s über dermal therapist Judith Oats. 

Q: Should I even bother with facials? 

A: Of Course. A classic facial that includes steam cleansing and extractions is great for unclogging the pores and increasing hydration in the skin.

Regular microdermabrasion is wonderful to rejuvenate dull skin and lifts your dead skin cells. It can be used in combination with chemical peels to give your skin that extra glow. Best of all there is no downtime and you can see immediate results.

Q: I'm a grown-up and I still have acne!

A: Acne results from a complicated process involving compacted dead skin, oil, bacteria and inflammation. So Iattack the condition with treatments that target those processes. We have a very well defined treatment protocol for acne. Unfortunately acne can never be cured but our aim to gain control of the condition so that redness and inflammation don’t lead to scarring. Over the years the treatments I have found most effective are: Correctly done extractions and more extractions, this helps reduce the amount of congestion combined with AHA peels to reduce inflammation. We also offer IPL light therapy for acne and I am seeing enjoying the results of this treatment on clients. It helps reduce the redness and inflammation in the skin, hence the skins appearance is smoother and softer.  Combination treatments for acne achieve the best results my clients. It’s important to remember every acne case is individual and we cater to our clients specific concern with what we know will work best for them. 

Q: What can I do about my large pores and acne scars?

A: Open pores are actually blocked pores full of sebum and dead skin. To minimise open pores you have to unblock the skin to allow the pores to shrink. Sometimes just using good products such as the Rationale Skin Refining serum containing AHAs can be enough, other treatments in clinic can be facials with extractions, microdermabrasion and chemical peels. The most effective treatment for acne scars I have found is laser resurfacing which has some downtime, and Dermapen. These 2 treatments encourage collagen formation which minimises the appearance of acne scars. You definitely need a series of these treatments for best results.

Q: Should I use a moisturiser if I have acne?

A: Absolutely! Many people who suffer with acne think they should avoid moisturising because it’s going to clog more pores and add oil to an already oily skin. However oily skin can still have a dehydrated surface. Rationale Sebocyte Hydrogel and SuperLight Lotion are specially formulated to meet the moisturising need of those with acne. Proper hydration of the skin is critical for cellular function and can actually prevent trapped sebum. 

Q: Tell me about Chemical peels?

A: Chemical peels work well for both men and woman, for all skin types, at any age and help restore a more youthful healthy glow to the skin. Chemical peels exfoliate and give a smoother younger and vibrant appearance to the skin. They increase cellular turnover, improve hyperpigmentation and help to improve melasma. They are great value for money and again you achieve best results with a series of peels.